A Heartfelt Downpour

There are strange things done in the midnight sun

By the men who moil for gold;

The Arctic trails have their secret tales

That would make your blood run cold;

The Northern Lights have seen queer sights

But the queerest they ever did see;

One of those was the night a self proclaimed sinner did tramp;

His heart grabbed by icy horror; for the rest of the world,it was a heartfelt downpour.

When every light seemed deceitful, he had chosen to embrace darkness.

So light was the petrichor;so deep his melancholy.

With every stroke of wind reiterating the secrets of charnel house in his ears;

Even the screams in his throat were frozen.

Hope had moaned away from his life like a lost soul.

He recollected the sight of a lifeless cadaver lying peacefully in the same cage in which once he bought a feathery winged life as a butt of ridicule.

For the captor could easily cease the blameless captive from touching the limits of the sky;

A mere spectator his he; once the victimised soul escapes far beyond his ‘captivity’ to reach out to the bright heaven; eternally.

His winged companion had crossed to oblivion & the curtain of life fell.

Awe was evoked by the thought that such a brief bond resulted in so vast a void;

For the repentant sinner quite understood; the worth of a soul & the change that’s wrought.

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