Kipling’s Paradise: The Western Ghats

“I am life.

I am death.

I give everything, but I take more.

I rise imperiously above the patches of dense forests and grasslands roamed by the unarmed warriors.

You may’ve heard innumerable acclaims of factitious honour of the ‘royal’ or ‘noblemen’s’ hunt-a demonstration of mastery over nature as a justification for monarchial authority.

But I recite the unsung heroic tales of the kings of impalpable thrones; due to be crowned.

With the crack of dawn, every stroke of wind whimpers a deathly hush; deriving its intensity from the eroded hills spread across my three dignities- Konkan, Kanara and Malabar.

How Godavari’s water glistens as she drinks in every single drop of blood smeared on the crimsoned faces of the supposedly vicious beasts she has nurtured!

With immense pride and adoration she caresses their head to honour the jaws which’ve served their solemn purpose of snapping necks, crunching through bone and sinew and grinding meat into mouthfuls soft enough to swallow; rather than being taxidermied as a souvenir of dominion of some insecurity-driven person.

By nightfall, leaving behind no trace of their successful kill, she, along with her sisters- Krishna, Kaveri and Tungabhadra shelves these myriad tales of triumph in order to safeguard them as intriguing conjectures.

I’ve no mercy for the weak; no pity for cowards.

I am the judicature.

I’ve no room for a forlorn hope to seek justice; for the deeds of these legendary survivors pave the way for a foreshadow of comeuppance; in the battlefield itself.

My territories are full of survivors, lone fighters and faction; dicing with death with but one motive;


Their camaraderie, haughty demeanor and dynamic movements help them to survive the rigours of life and to get the better of their sworn enemies.

I am a King; a Queen ; an Assassin.

I am an army.

I am home to a Savage Kingdom.

Evermore ‘benevolent’ by name, nevermore by fame.


~From the lush forests to windswept plains, I’m penning this down with an effort of delving into the heart of a nation to reveal the exciting treasures of the real-life lands of this modern paradise.

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