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This blog was created with the sole purpose of connecting with and helping people all over the globe make this world beautiful because I believe we can.

I’m dividing my blogs into four main categories-
1. Real Life Incident
2. Faith
3. Narrative
4. Personification

You may send your reviews, suggest improvements or topics and even be posted for more reads.
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Hello there. I’m Muskan Bhuttani, a reserved person born on 4th of July, 2000.

A simple human being, nothing else.
I’m just another believer hustling through life.

Apart from that, I am an Anime and Kpop enthusiast.

There’s a saying I felt worth sharing with you all, “Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path(and vision).”

So, I finally started to pen down my thoughts, to dredge something up,as a major step towards my ambition;
To keep A PROMISE I made to the centre of my universe ~my voiceless four-legged kid,Stee.(Stuffy Bhuttani)
-because I’ve realised that you can’t change the world with your thoughts seemlessly bound to your heart.

If you wish to continue reading, let’s begin with my first blog post.

My first blog post is based on that real life incident which caught my eye while I was scrolling through a hate-filled manifesto on one of the social media accounts of mine. It made the hairs on my arm tingle with discomfort.
Here’s the link:

The festival signifying the victory of good over evil for EVERYONE?

Let’s get started. 😃

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